The safest long-term crypto investment opportunity in DeFi


Tucson, AZ, August 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – YoCoin (YOCO) is not your average altcoin! The new entrant in the crypto market is a 100% community-based cryptocurrency that offers DeFi investors the safest long-term investment opportunity in the industry.

YOCO is listed and available for purchase on Pancakeswap, the best DEX on Binance Smart Chain. The fair launch cryptocurrency is also available on Hotbit and XT Exchange.

YOCO is the native token of, a safe and environmentally friendly crypto project introducing lightning-fast global payments. One of the distinct features that sets YoCoin apart is its low trading fees which allow users to enter and exit the ecosystem with 3% trading fee. In comparison, most competitors have a hidden 10-20% trading fee that they charge without notifying users.

YoCoin is built for success and engineered to generate its own interest from these ultra low fees to ensure users are guaranteed automatic rewards for life. The project is supported by a diverse and forward thinking team from around the world.

The team has made the project sustainable for state-of-the-art security and strives to deliver the most secure long-term store of value in DeFi. Project funders are currently developing exciting new features for the ecosystem, including the YoWallet and an NTF platform. The future NFT marketplace already offers exclusive digital artwork that users can own, collect and trade within the network.

Plans are also underway to create YoCoin dApps, YoSwap, YoCard Visa, and the project’s own DEX dubbed YoEx.

YoCoin’s dynamic liquidity pools and robust tokenomics

YoCoin is building an unstoppable YocoArmy that will serve as a cornerstone for the future success of the project. Users are guaranteed automatic and instant income simply for owning YOCO, with no stake required to earn static protocol rewards.

The revolutionary DeFi project charges a 3% fee on all transactions, which is paid transparently within the HODL community. Therefore, investors are guaranteed higher returns as the network grows and attracts more active users. Another 1% goes directly to the developer portfolio to fund the growth, development and advertising of the project.

As DeFi participants inject more capital into YoCoin, the protocol’s liquidity pools will expand, creating a solid floor price. Users can currently access liquidity from over 22 pools.

The project creates a truly dynamic DeFi liquidity pool that protects holders from price volatility if some of the early investors sell their holdings.

To further strengthen price stability and reward Diamond Hands for their confidence in the long-term project, YoCoin is implementing 1% automatic burns on all YOCO transactions from the total supply of 100 million. The model of the combustion mechanism makes each token deflationary and more valuable over time.

Join YocoArmy Today!

YoCoin has the best Discord community, where members around the world can chat and share ideas on the future of the protocol.

The YoCoin team fosters an environment of ingenuity and growth by empowering members to create remarkable content in the media of their choice. So far, the talented and creative community of members have come up with hundreds of unique phrases which bring the YoCoin Project to the wider DeFi sphere.

The team also regularly organizes Commercial competitions, Airdrop contests and other exciting events to encourage community participation and reward members. These efforts have resulted in a rapidly growing community of over 5,000 bearers in a relatively short time.

For DeFi investors interested in joining this vibrant community, now is the time to jump on the YoCoin bandwagon and accumulate cheap coins. According to the latest data from the crypto ranking website coingecko, YOCO is trading for $ 0.02584458, giving early investors the perfect opportunity to buy the downside before the digital asset goes to the moon.

The native coin recently passed a market cap of $ 2.79 million and has an outstanding supply of over $ 96 million. So far, over 3.47 million YOCOs have been burned, meaning they have been permanently removed from the circulating feed.

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