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JEWETT – James Pellitteri is running for a seat on Jewett City Council on Tuesday. His profile was inadvertently omitted from the city councilor’s preview published in the Daily Mail on October 27. It was confirmed that Pellitteri sent their responses to the questionnaire before the final deadline. Pellitteri presents himself on the lines of the Republican and Conservative parties on the ballot. His profile is published below.

Councilor, Town of Jewett

Family: wife, Betsy Pellitteri; children, Terrence, 46, Morgan, 44, Jonathan, 42, Jim, 40, Maria Ahrens, 36

Place of residence: Silver Spring Road, Jewett

How long have you lived in the county: 48 years old

Occupation: Certified financial planner; business owner, North Country Financial Group LLC

Are you a holder of: Current municipal supervisor, candidate for municipal council

Party lines on the ballot: Republican, Conservative

Former elected mandates: Four-year city councilor, seven-year supervisor

University: Four years old, Pace College, no degree

What do you think is the main problem facing your community? What would you do to fix this problem if you were elected?

The New York DEP buying the Jewett property is our biggest problem. It reduces availability and therefore increases the cost of housing. Most Jewett has at least two and a half acres to build on, so we’re not creating a water quality issue.

Buying large tracts of land is overkill and the least effective strategy. The stream acquisition program makes more sense, but it should release the previous usable properties for the individual property. I don’t know if there is anything we can do about it because negotiations in the past have not been effective. I think that by becoming a member of the board of directors, I can be more effective in exploring certain issues.

Why do you think you will be a good city councilor? What are you most proud to accomplish if you hold a position? If you are a newcomer, what are you looking forward to accomplishing if you are elected?

I am very happy with my ability to keep our taxes low. According to the latest figures provided by the NY State Comptroller, Jewett has the second lowest tax rate in Greene County. In addition, we were able to increase our reserves to replace our equipment and have emergency money.

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