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Ask any financial advisor or agency that provides financial services about the outlook for the 2021 winter season and many will immediately mention any Christmas gifts and delayed parcels in part due to production and marketing bottlenecks. transport that plague the international economy. It is seen that resourcefulness and ingenuity will be traits that can help make this Christmas season as festive as in previous years.

The years that can be described as the “pandemic years” saw dramatic changes not only in overall economic trends, but they also affected different sectors and industries in profound ways. For example, the years 2020 and 2021 saw the lowest air passenger numbers in many decades. The past two years have also seen a drop in retail sales as people are restricted in their homes. Retail stores also found themselves in competition with new and emerging markets, namely e-commerce sites. Currently, things are looking a little bright, with the data showing a trend towards normality. There is great hope that in the fourth quarter of 2021, consumer spending will pick up just in time for Christmas.

Already tech-savvy consumers are looking to kick off the holidays by shopping for popular gift items. Companies with small, high-value products, such as smartphones, are already flown in just to stock the shelves. Impatient customers who don’t like the risk of “out of stock” are thinking about other ways to get the goods they want. This is good news for US manufacturers or for any “made in USA” product.

All of these factors have had a profound effect on the way people plan for their financial future. Services such as a personal financial advisor or a financial fiduciary advisor are becoming a very popular product as people realize the importance of securing their financial future as early as possible. Having a financial planner makes a lot of sense considering how uncertain the future looks.

The Owen Legacy Group is one of Montana’s trusted wealth management agencies. Being a family business means they have the flexibility to offer personalized service to their customers. They can help develop and create a unique plan and path for the wealth that clients have worked so hard to achieve. They want this work to be dedicated to growing this wealth in the future. They can help their clients achieve financial freedom while helping them prepare for today’s challenges. Interested customers can contact Owen Legacy Group through their website or click on the Owen Legacy Group link for directions.

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