FPA launches community to support neurodivergent financial planners


DENVER – To welcome and support the learning and thinking differences of neurodiverse financial planners, the Financial Planning Association has announced the launch of a new community specifically for neurodivergent financial planners. The FPA Neurodivergent Planner Knowledge Circle will provide a community for neurodiverse planners, those who hire or supervise neurodiverse individuals, and those who serve neurodiverse individuals to share resources, ideas and best practices.

“FPA is proud to embrace the wonderful diversity of our profession, which makes our community strong and vibrant,” said Patrick D. Mahoney, CEO of FPA. “I am pleased that FPA is helping lead the way in supporting this underserved community of planners to advance the diversity of thought, talent and new approaches to financial planning in the profession. “

Member of the FPA Diversity & Inclusion Committee Andrew Komarow, MSFS, CFP®, AEP® AIF® BFA ™ CAP® CASL® CHFC® ChSNC® CLU® FSCP® REBC® RHU® RICP® WMCP®, leads the FPA Neurodivergent Planners Knowledge Circle. Knowledge Circle participants will explore the needs of neurodivergent financial planners who may have variations in thinking or learning, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and Tourette’s syndrome. Planned Knowledge Circle discussions will focus on reframing employment, benefits, and accommodations to better meet the unique needs of people with neurodiverse. The community will explore other educational initiatives and content over the coming months.

Participation in the Knowledge Circle is open to all FPA members, including those who do not identify as neurodivergent but are interested in learning more about this community or how to support neurodivergent clients.

“Neurodivergent individuals think differently, not less. Hiring Neurodiverse is not charity work, we hire the best people for the job, and many happen to be neurodiverse. With one in five people in the country being neurodivergent, it stands to reason that many counselors and clients are neurodivergent, whether they know it or disclose it, ”said Komarow, who was recently appointed by InvestmentNews like a Recipient of the 2021 Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award.

FPA Knowledge Circles, comprised of 15 online community groups, encourages finance professionals to come together around common interests and connect globally with their peers.

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